WWE Payback Predictions: Kickoff Show: El Torito vs. Hornswoggle in a Mask vs. Hair Match

WWE Payback is upon us, and that means it’s time for the Daily DDT staff to give some predictions for tonight’s big show.

El Torito and Hornswoggle have been feuding with each other since this year’s Hall of Fame Ceremony, when Hornswoggle ended up chasing El Torito around on the stage. Then, the feud really picked up when Hornswoggle randomly joined 3MB.

In a match that saw all 5 members of Los Matadores and 3MB go through tables, El Torito and Hornswoggle had a really good match at Extreme Rules, one that elicited a “This is Awesome” chant from the crowd. The question is, can they do it again?

Let’s get to the predictions:

Stephen’s Take: Get ready for a bald Hornswoggle because does anyone really think Torito is losing that mask?  But I know I’ll get skewered for this, I’m loving this feud.  You know we can’t have everything “main event” storyline and nothing else, that’s why this works for me.  Plus, last month’s match was highly entertaining. I am sure we’ll get Los Matadores and 3MB interacting in this match. Why not have those guys go at it for the tag team titles at some point?

Stephen’s Prediction: El Torito

Marcus’ Take: I think a lot of people were surprised at how entertaining this match was the first time. Obviously these two can’t hold an audiences attention by themselves, hence the interference from 3MB and Los Matadores at Extreme Rules. I see this match going under a similar format with some funny spots, collisions between the two teams, and essentially an El Torito win.

Torito losing his mask at this point would make the whole Los Matadores gimmick less interesting than they already have been.

Marcus’ Prediction: El Torito wins by pinfall

Mike’s Take: The match at Extreme Rules was awesome, but it can’t be duplicated. All 7 guys put their bodies on the line in that match, plus some really well-timed comedy spots really pushed that match to a respectable level, beyond what I thought it could achieve.

The bottom line, I think, is that there will be no tables in this match. I don’t think every match needs tables, but I think the tables made the last match what it was, and their absence will hurt this match.

Either way, good match or bad, there’s no way Torito loses that mask.

Mike’s Prediction: El Torito

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