WWE Payback Predictions: Rusev vs. Big E

The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, who now resides in Russia, while working primarily in America, will take on Big E at tonight’s WWE Payback pay-per-view.

These two have clashed a few times in recent weeks, most recently when Rusev took out Americans like Zack Ryder, and Big E made the save. Now they meet on pay-per-view, as Rusev looks to continue his path of destruction.

Let’s get to the predictions:

Stephen’s Take: Well as much I have enjoyed and tried to get behind Big E, it’s not happening here. At the same time, what does this do for Rusev?  The character I believe is just too old school.  You need a big American force to go after Rusev. What’s funny or sad if you really look at it, Hacksaw Jim Duggan would have been perfect for this back in the day. Right now, there’s just not anyone that I can pick out.  I guess you could go with Mark Henry or Big Show, but then what? I just don’t know how much longevity Rusev can get. But he’s beating Big E, so maybe that’s a start to an evolution of his career.

Stephen’s Prediction: Rusev Crush

Marcus’ Take: Rusev has been given an early career push reminiscent of Umaga from his early days in the company. He’s been absolutely destroying everyone in his path in a short amount of time. Big E is a legitimate threat to end the Bulgarian Brute’s run, but a clean win for Big E would be more detrimental to Rusev than good for Big E in my opinion.

Rusev has won all of his matches in quick, clean fashion since his debut. I won’t be surprised if he wins this match dirty or gets disqualified. Lana hasn’t had to interfere in the way of a traditional manager yet and if she decides to step up on the apron and distract Big E with her… assets, that would be an easy way to play it to keep the crowd into it. I don’t see this match exceeding 10 minutes with both guys still pretty green, but they’re both great athletes and it will be fun to see them show off their strength.

Marcus’ Prediction: Rusev defeats Big E due to distraction by Lana

Mike’s Take: Poor, Big E, he doesn’t stand a chance. Rusev is on a tear right now, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon, let alone tonight. Even though I don’t think this gimmick has much of a chance, the right people are behind him, both in the back, and literally in Lana’s case, anybody could get over with her.

Mike’s Prediction: Rusev

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