Seth Rollins Breaks Away from The Shield and joins Evolution

As Roman Reigns prepared to take on Randy Orton in the main event of Monday Night Raw, Triple H spoke of a Plan B. Most fans waited for somebody’s entrance music to hit, so they could be revealed as Batista’s replacement in Evolution. That did not happen.

Instead of hearing music, all that could be heard was the sound of Seth Rollins nailing Roman Reigns in the back with a chair. A sound that froze Dean Ambrose, and left him defenseless when Rollins came after him as well.

Now, instead of Evolution being down a man after Batista quit the group and WWE on Monday night, the now two-man group known as The Shield stand at a disadvantage.

Two obvious questions stand out after Raw’s shocking conclusion: What caused this shocking turn? And what happens now?

First, let’s look at how this happened. Triple H had to do something to entice Rollins to turn his back on The Shield. My guess is that Rollins will soon get an Intercontinental Championship Match. If Rollins is in Evolution, it’s to build him up like the original Evolution did for Orton. Orton won the IC Title, I’d expect the same from Rollins.

A title shot and chance to launch his singles career might be enough to drag Rollins away from a group in which he was never truly the star.

Next, what happens now? This question is much tougher to answer.

Another match is in these two factions’ futures. They will clash again, most likely at Money in the Bank, but will it be another six-man tag, or a handicap match? I think we’re looking at a handicap match.

At this stage in the game, I don’t think anybody benefits from joining The Shield, I also don’t think anybody fits, but I’m open to suggestions.

I could also see this feud drawing out to the much discussed Triple H-Reigns match at SummerSlam, with Ambrose taking on Rollins, and Orton taking on the new member of The Shield.

Predicting what Ambrose and Reigns should do now is extremely difficult. What do you think they should do? Find a new partner? If so, who? Or will they take on Evolution down a man? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • mich

    Sami zayn noone else……..

    • Mike Smith

      I love Sami Zayn, but I really don’t want him in this spot. I’d rather see him come up on his own

  • Jared Groner

    I can say one thing right now I didn’t see that coming last night

  • Michael

    I could totally see Batista coming back and joining the shield, sort of as payback to hhh, but he’s off promoting his movie so that’s not gonna happen

  • Gene Bethea

    I think Dolph Ziggler would be a good fit. Personally, I’m not big on bringing someone in from NXT to fill the spot with all the present talent that really aren’t doing much. I was thinking about Big E, but having 2 big guys and a crazy guy in the mix.. hmmm.. not sure it would fit.

    • Mike Smith

      Yeah, I agree, Big E just doesn’t fit. Ziggler I like, but I just don’t see it, I’d love it if it happened

      • Gene Bethea

        The reason I thought Ziggler might be a good candidate is because Ric Flair was talking about how he likes Ziggler and would be willing to manage him after he gets done with his commitment in Japan. Ric also gave his endorsement to the Shield, so it would kind of make sense. But Ric’s commitment in Japan isn’t until September.

        • Mike Smith

          Flair should definitely be Ziggler’s manager, that much I know