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Sting Is Reportedly Close To Signing With WWE

– So here is the latest on Sting signing with WWE. WWE offered him ultimately ended up being similar to the standard $10,000 Legends contract without any other guarantees.

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It is said that the two sides are still negotiating, but has not agreed on a certain deal.

Talks between the two sides were going very smoothly and it’s said that they are still in negotiations.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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Sting will eventually sign, now what will he sign up to do is unknown. Have him wrestle one more time (WrestleMania) and also have him inducted into the Hall of fame. Bottom Line. Sting will be shell shocked once he makes his WWE debut due to the fact that you are going from 2,000 people all the way to about 14,000 and upward in an arena. That is a huge change that he will have to make. I still see him getting one match at WrestleMania. If that is against the Undertaker then great, if not, then oh well, time catches up to us all.

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