Vince Russo Blogs On Issues With TNA Wrestling + TNA Slammiversary Note

Former WWE, WCW and TNA creative writer Vince Russo updated his blog and wrote about the issues with TNA wrestling. Check it out below:

For starters, and I don’t need to tell anybody this, including the brass at TNA — trust me, they know — the environment inside the “Impact Zone” is not ideal for what TNA is attempting to put across your TV screen every week. Universal Studios is a “tourist” attraction, so primarily, TNA is drawing “tourists” to watch IMPACT, not die-hard “wrestling fans”. The truth is, many of those people attending might just be wanting to get out from under the scorching Florida sun. As you know, attendance to IMPACT is free, so there is no cost if you’re just looking to stay in the shade for a few hours. But, this isn’t anything that anybody doesn’t know. We all see it every Thursday night. But, no one knows first hand how much an audience can affect your show than me.

But, aside from the lackluster, vacationing crowds, I think there is a much bigger problem that TNA is faced to deal with every week. And, this is the problem that very few fans watching from home either realize, or understand. THE SCHEDULING. Again, due to the FACTS – the FINANCIALS – TNA works under a rigorous schedule that not many fans are aware of. In order to work within their current budget, TNA is forced to shoot MULTIPLE shows, or parts of shows, per night. Unlike the WWE, who has the luxury to just shoot one show – be it three hours – in one night, TNA is usually filming at least a show AND A HALF during that same time. Again, having been a part of it, this leads to numerous problems that have a diverse effect on the end product.

It’s hilarious that the one guy who everyone hates on, points out every flaw they have, is Vince Russo. He has some good things to say and some bad. Mostly bad. TNA is a company that has been hated on for years. They have done good and bad, if you hate on TNA then you are a WWE Mark. If you defend every move of TNA then you are a TNA Mark. Whatever side you think you are on, have you ever just wanted to be a wrestling fan?

– Here is the updated card for June 6th TNA Slammiversary:

*TNA champion Eric Young vs. MVP

*EC3 vs. Bully Ray

*The Von Erich Family in action.

*Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe

*Willow vs. Magnus

*James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

*Austin Aries vs. Kenny King

Also the sons of Kevin Von Erich are set to appear.

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