Gunner Speaks On Eric Young & Wrestling At Half Attended Baseball Stadiums

Current TNA star Gunner recently spoke with the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show. Here are the highlights:

Having Eric Young Being The TNA Champion: “Eric is one of the most entertaining and most well deserved guys that I think they’ve finally put the title on. He’s been there for a long time. It’s a different time in wrestling, you look at wrestling back in the 90’s it was all 250-300lb guys. I think it’s really good for the business that it’s changed to where certain weight classes are getting that opportunity, like when Austin Aries had the title, I think it’s good because it gives those guys an opportunity, like Aries, he’s an amazing talent in the ring, for those guys to get a chance to run with the title, I think it’s good for the business.”

What Is It Like Wrestling At A Baseball Stadium: “It’s a different vibe because you don’t have the acoustics that you do inside of a building as far as the crowd. It’s just really cool, it’s an outside environment, reminds me of the old WrestleMania when I was a kid out at the old Caesar’s Palace and all that stuff, always enjoy those outside venues.”

I just do not understand why TNA will book these big and very expensive arenas /stadiums when they know they can’t draw that big of a number. It kills you on expense, also for all the TNA marks / haters, if you book a small venue, then it will look like you have a ton of fans and all this negative feedback will go away.

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