TNA Impact Ratings Draws Another low

– TNA Impact drew a 0.84 household rating, which is down 6% from last week’s 0.89. The show drew drew 993,000 viewers and a 0.3 rating in the 18 – 49 demographic. Source: TV By The Numbers 

Their biggest and toughest competition was the NBA Finals, which drew 12.61 million viewers and a 6.0 demo rating.

Just to give you an idea of how much they have dropped off, here is the previous last three years worth of ratings:

2013: 0.91 rating
2012: 0.99 rating
2011: 1.02 rating

All of these years listed when up against NBA Finals. This idea of TNA going head to head kills them in the ratings is a myth.

– Here are the quick results from this past Thursday Impact, as well as the main event play by play:

* Willow def. Bram by DQ.
* Eddie Edwards def. Davey Richards
* Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries ends in a no contest
* Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love © def. Madison Rayne

First Blood Match: Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe vs. MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King and Ethan Carter III

King and Aries start off this main event. Aries with a chop and locks in first chancery. EC3 breaks it up and tags himself in, EY tagged in, he lands a series of right hands. He tags in Ray and EC3 runs out of the ring to regroup. Ray calls out MVP and he answers the call. They trade right hands, both go for a clothesline, but both men keep standing. Ray nails a big boot to MVP. MVP with a knee to the gut of Ray, he tags in King, who puts the right hands to him. Ray fights back and hits a back body drop. He tags in Joe, he lands a stiff right hand, King rakes the eyes of Joe and tags in Lashley we go to break right away.

We come back from break, MVP and Crew are in control, they tag in and out to contain the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young. Finally, EY tags in Joe, he clears house and beats down EC3. Lashley spears Joe, EY nails a drop kick on Lashley. MVP hits a big boot on EY, Aries takes MVP out. Ray takes care of King. Aries takes out King and MVP with a top rope move. Ray turns right around and EC3 hits a big spinebuster. EC3 misses a splash in the corner, Ray nails EC3 in the head of EC3 and it cuts EC3 to win the match.

Winners: Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe

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