UFC Fighter Signs With Ring Of Honor - Details

​- UFC Fighter Tom Lawlor recently managed Ring of Honor tag team reDRagon at ROH / New Japan: War of The Worlds iPPV has signed a deal with ROH. According to TMZ, the UFC has given permission for Lawlor to be able to appear on ROH TV and live events as a manager when he is not fighting.
He is expected to appear at ROH’s PPV “Best in the World” which goes down on June 22nd.

– Here is what ​TMZ had to say in their article:

UFC fighter Tom Lawlor is about to make pro wrestling a lot more filthy … ’cause a popular federation is close to inking a permanent deal with the MMA bad ass.

Lawlor … or as UFC fans know him, “Filthy” … made a special appearance at an ROH Wrestling event last month managing a tag team, and we’re told he’s been negotiating a permanent deal ever since.

Our sources say Lawlor got the UFC’s blessing to work with ROH during his downtime… and he’s excited to continue working with the reDRagon duo. For now he’ll only be managing, but could still see some ring action from time to time.

We’re told the deal is close to being finalized … and Filthy is expected to appear at ROH’s PPV “Best in the World” later this month.

This is good news for ROH, they not only get a pay-per-view deal, they also get mainstream media attention that will hopefully bring new eye balls and people to their product. I do not expect Lawlor to wrestle nor do I think he should, but he brings media and that is what ROH needs.

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