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Ric Flair Expect To Be On WWE TV Soon, First Date Confirmed

– You knew it was coming, Ric Flair has passed WWE medical testing and is expected to be on WWE TV any time now. We reported in the past that he wanted to be the manager of Dolph Ziggler, but was shot down by WWE officials. They have been throwing out different ideas for him. In no way, shape or form will he be wrestling. More like a GM or a manager mode.

His first appearance with WWE will be on July 12th, Madison Square Garden live event. The scheduled match was Daniel Bryan Vs. Triple H in a street fight, but Bryan has been removed due to injury.

– Here is your pro wrestling history lesson of the day:

2-time NWA United States Champion Magnum TA turns 55 today.

One-time AWA Tag Team Champion Mike Enos turns 51 today.

2000: WCW’s The Great American Bash was held from the Baltimore Arena, in Baltimore, Maryland. With an attendance of 7,031. Jeff Jarrett defeated Kevin Nash with Ernest Miller as special guest enforcer to retain the WCW World Title in the main event.

2003: AJ Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett & Raven in a 3-Way Match to win the NWA World Title on week #48 of NWA-TNA weekly PPV.

2006: ECW One Night Stand was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom, in New York City. 2,500 were in attendance to see Rob Van Dam defeated John Cena in an Extreme Rules Match to win the WWE Title in the main event.

2007: Here are the draft results that were held on Raw:

* The Great Khali were drafted To Smackdown
* The Boogeyman was drafted to ECW
* Booker T & Sharmell were drafted to Raw
* Chris Benoit was drafted to ECW
* Torrie Wilson was drafted to Smackdown
* Chris Masters was drafted to Smackdown
* Bobby Lashley was drafted to Raw
* Ric Flair was drafted to Smackdown
* Snitsky was drafted to Raw
* Ken Kennedy was drafted to Raw

2012: AJ Lee & C. M. Punk defeated Daniel Bryan and Kane in the main event of Raw from Hartford, Connecticut.

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