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WWE To Resign CM Punk? Can He Be With WWE Longer Than July? - Not A Typo

So by now everyone knows that CM Punk is off of WWE TV and has been since January. He wants nothing to do with the WWE and is basically in retirement.

Now, with the headline being what it is, how can they keep Punk around?

Well, according to the The Wrestling Observer, WWE may be able to renew CM Punk’s contract with or without his permission. There is a clause in every wrestler’s contract that allows the WWE to renew a deal if the wrestler has been injured and the company believes they are owed dates the wrestler was unable to work.

If there are any dates left on Punk’s contract that he had yet to work, the same would apply here.

This is a common thing as Vince McMahon renewed Rey Mysterio’s contract when it was close to expiring. Rey Mysterio missed most of last year because of several injuries. This is what WWE will do from now on.

That is one reason Evan Bourne was released from WWE yesterday.

So, let’s wrap this up. What does all of this mean? Punk’s contract runs up in July, if WWE wants to they can keep them as long as they want pretty much. They still have to pay him and he cannot work for anyone else due to the dates not being fulfilled.

His current deal is set to expire in July.

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