Bully Ray On Who He Likes To Work With & His Favorite Moments,

Current TNA Star Bully Ray recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio to promote TNA Slammiversary. Here are the highlights:

As a performer, what do you like about feuding with someone in a non-wrestling capacity and what are some of the challenges it presents?

“A story is a story and she is a performer, she is someone on our television show and I don’t care who I’m standing across the ring from, if they’re in the ring with me, I’m going to make sure that it’s the best possible performance. I’m going to make sure they up their game and I’m going to make sure, first and foremost, that the people get what they paid to see and when it comes to Dixie Carter, the one thing that every TNA fan, every WWE fan, every ROH fan, every House of Hardcore fan, every wrestling fan around the world wants to see that lady get Powerbombed through a table.”

Who have you enjoyed putting through a table most during your career?

“The one person that we almost put through a table that would’ve been absolutely great was Vince McMahon. We had him jacked up, and ready to go, but I believe Road Dogg and X Pac stopped us from doing that. As far as enjoying one person over another, a lot of people enjoyed the Mae Young table bump the most. I put Joe C from Kid Rock through a table. I’ve enjoyed everything, so everything sticks out in my mind but I think putting Vince McMahon through a table would’ve been special. I am really looking forward to jacking Dixie Carter up and putting her hard, hard, hard through the middle of that table.”

It appears that Bully Ray is on the downside of his career, time will tell on how much longer he has left in the ring.

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