Report: TNA Talents Worried About The Future Of The Company

TNA, TNA and TNA. Well the company is in disarray right now. With their future in doubt, TNA talents are worried about how they will do in the future. The Wrestling Observer claims that the low attendance figures for the recent TNA Basebrawl stadium events led to low morale among the roster members who worked the events.

It also does not help that TNA is making some serious budget cuts and now current talent are worried about their future in the company. Talents reportedly believe the Carter family is not putting much new money into TNA and the wrestlers use live fan attendance to judge the state of the company.

If you have noticed, TNA is running more live events, but not getting the attendance they need. Of course the biggest concern right now is TNA still not having a new TV deal with Spike TV.

Talent has reached out to Ring of Honor and Jeff Jarrett, who runs Global Force Wrestling set to launch in 2015.

Now, if TNA does not get their TV deal, then it will be only a matter of time until they are sold. I do not believe TNA will go out of business and do not believe Spike will drop them. Other than Bar Rescue and Cops, TNA is the third highest ratings draw that the company has.

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