Live Reports From TNA Slammiversary - TNA Fail, Mech & Attendance

TNA Slammiversary took place last night and here are some live event reports that were sent into Pwinsider.

* Even though they are not with the company anymore, TNA is still selling merchandise Hulk Hogan, Sting and AJ Styles at Slammiversary last night.

* We posted pictures of the less than stellar attendance from the PPV last night, but it was said that the building holds about 5,000. TNA drew between 2,500 fans. Pretty much cut the arena in half and there is your attendance.

In a sad note, TNA ran the exact same building two years ago and pulled 5,000 fans.

* As usual, when The Menagerie makes their entrance, they have tall clowns on stilts that came out with them. Well one of them fell down and had to be carried away. That is a reason that entrances took so long.

* Finally, TNA sent out a tweet asking fans what they want to see as the opener and if they could get 500 RT, then the fans would get what they want. Well that did not happen, TNA only got about 260 and then pulled the post.

As noted last night, TNA did not do very good web traffic and it showed big time. They were fourth ranked in trending on Twitter.

On one hand, TNA is happy with the show, but the problem is that no one seemed to care or they just did not watch it.

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