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TNA Gets Major Media Press For TNA Slammiversary Angle

As expected, TNA got some media coverage with their James Storm – Dallas Cowboys angle from last night’s TNA Slammiversary PPV from Dallas, Texas.

Here is what TMZ is reporting:

A bunch of Dallas Cowboys players had to be restrained at a TNA Wrestling event Sunday night when one of the wrestlers spit beer at ‘em … and all hell broke loose … in a scripted, wrestling sorta way.

It all went down at TNA Wrestling Slammiversary XII — where the bad guy “The Cowboy” James Storm went over to a bunch of Cowboys players in the stands (including starting defensive end George Selvie) and fired a mouthful of beer at the guys.

Selvie — along with teammates Ben Bass, Nick Hayden, Tyrone Crawford, Caesar Rayford and Martez Wilson — went crazy … but were held back by security.

Don’t worry … Selvie eventually broke loose and got his revenge!!!!!

TNA was smart to get the football team there and knew that it would get media coverage for it. As this writing, I believe they did not get to Sports center, but TMZ is good enough. The match was not the best, but it served as an angle rather than a match. Expect this feud to continue.

Here was the play-by-play for the match last night:

James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

They start brawling to kick off the match, I feel that is how every match started tonight, Am I the only one who feels like that? Storm goes after the leg of Anderson, but Anderson sends Storm into the corner feet first. Anderson with right hands, he lands a neck breaker. Storm is starting to stumble, Anderson hits the front senton for a near fall. Storm trips him and sends him head first into the corner. He puts him on the top rope, Storm taunts the cowboys, but when he goes for a suplex, Anderson fights back. Storm with a side kick, Storm get’s caught and Anderson hits a senton off the top rope for a near fall. Storm spits beer in the face of the Cowboys and the referee breaks things up. Back in the ring, one of the cowboys grabs the beer bottle from Storm and Anderson hits the mic check for the win.

Winner: Anderson at 5:50.

Anderson and the cowboys celebrate in the ring.

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