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TNA To Bring Back The Six Sided Ring? - Details

TNA, TNA, TNA. Well, maybe you do listen to your fans after all. If you have not heard the news yet, you will now. TNA is holding a poll on asking whether they should use the four-sided or six-sided ring, moving forward, staring with their New York City Impact Wrestling tapings next week.

This is a decision that the TNA die hards will love and the newer fans will hate. Either way, I like the move.

Yes, it’s different, but that is what TNA needs the most right now. It may not change all their problems, but that big deal is that it takes them away from WWE and is a desperate move by the company.

The poll specifically notes that this will not be a one-off and that it will decide “future of IMPACT Wrestling’s ring.”

Here is what Impact had to say:

Fans, this is what you’ve been asking for! You decide which ring we use moving forward, starting at our New York City IMPACT Tapings next week. Do we stay with 4 sides or bring back the 6 sided ring?
VOTE NOW using the poll below. Voting will end at MIDNIGHT on THURSDAY, after this week’s IMPACT.

THIS Friday, a winner will be announced and the ring of YOUR choosing will be used moving forward – beginning at the IMPACT tapings in New York City next week!

This is not a one-off event. The future of IMPACT Wrestling’s ring is in your hands. Which ring do you want to see?

Which ring do you want IMPACT to use beginning in NYC?

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