Batista Speaks On The Chances Of Him Returning To WWE

Batista might be gone from WWE for the time being, but he still stays in the contract. The article you will be reading down below was put up today, so apparently, big Dave does not believe in kayfabe.

“The Animal” spoke with WWE.com about Daniel Bryan added to the WrestleMania 30 main event, but what you will read here on Daily DDT is the chances of him returning to WWE.

As you may remember, Batista “quit” a few weeks ago on WWE TV. In fact, he will be coming back later this year.

Here is what he had to say:

“We’ve already been talking about that,” he said. “We were talking about when I would come back before I even left. I don’t feel like my career is over. I felt better leaving this time than when I got in, because I came in with an injury and I left feeling healthy as can be. It’s hard for me to leave now, because I feel like I was just hitting my stride. I think a lot of people forgot I was away from wrestling for four years, and it took me a couple months to really start getting in touch with the audience because it’s a completely different audience, man. It was really weird for me at first. I just started finding my stride, so it’s weird for me to leave, but I don’t feel like my career is even close to over, man. I got a lot of good matches, and hopefully it’ll work out.” Read the full interview at WWE.com.

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