Why Did Vince McMahon Fire Head Writer Of RAW?

As noted earlier on the site: Vince McMahon, Vinny Mack! So the boss, he got upset and WWE head writer Jay Gibson has been released from the company. His release was made by Vince McMahon on Friday, just one day after WWE released 11 talents.

It was all due to budget cuts and Vince thought he was replaceable. Apparently he was, according to the Pwtorch.

Last night’s RAW episode was the first WWE TV show without Gibson.

A lot of fans noted on Twitter that the show felt like it had a Vince McMahon feel to it and it did. Especially with Stephanie McMahon throwing up on Vickie Guerrero.

Vince is reportedly looking at reducing payroll and is spearheading changes that go back to the budget cuts. WWE can do what he wants, when he wants and he just showed that. Everyone in WWE should be on their toes at this point.

In an update, this was not a case of budget cuts. In fact, this is not a big deal at all. According to the Observer, it’s not as a big of a deal as it sounds and there likely won’t be a major change in TV direction going forward.

He was only with WWE for about 5 months. To get to the down home facts, he basically organized writers to work on different angles and different Superstars, as opposed to actually writing himself.

This was not such a big deal within the company as it was made out on Tuesday.

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