No WrestleMania Rewind This Next Tuesday + More On Theme Week Shows

– There will be no new WrestleMania Rewind this week. Instead, they will be replaying the WrestleMania Rewind featuring Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels from WrestleMania 19.

– As noted earlier on the site, WWE sent out a survey of several projects that they can get feedback on “themed-weeks” for different ideas of shows. Here is the full list of potential projects:

WWE Divas Week, Screwjob Week, Worst of the WWE Week, ECW Week, “Macho Man” Randy Savage Week, CM Punk Week, WWE SummerSlam Week, Old School Week, Best of the WWE Slammy Awards, Sting Week, The Real McMahon: The Definitive Interview, Stone Cold: The Definitive Interview, Steve Austin Week, The Kliq Week, Monday Night War Week and Stone Cold Week: The Austin Podcast.

There has been a ton of talk on the WWE Network of adding more content, to be honest, it needs it. Some of these ideas are good, some are OK and most are great. Will WWE do all of these ideas? No, but if they do just one, it should still be good to watch. The one that stands out to me that I would be interested in is the Steve Austin podcast.

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