Roman Reigns Get's Hounded In Interview About The Miz - Hilarious

Current WWE Superstar Roman Reigns joined Chad Dukes and the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan to promote tonight’s Raw in Washington.

One topic that they would not let go is about the Miz. They really gave him a hard time and he was trying his best to dodge the question. One guy thought Miz was dead, one thought he was fired and the other had no clue who is was.

“He had a nice run and he was doing the things he did. He headlined at WrestleMania. He, also, he has different ties and crossover connections with what he did before he started wrestling… With any character or any performer, there’s always a chance to change yourself, to evolve, to be different, to show something new. I think that anybody who is feeling like they’re stale, if they need to revamp… if they can do that, then there’s respect in that.”

In case you are wondering, Miz was taping a movie and has been working live events for the past two weeks. His return could come anytime, but in less Creative has anything for him, who knows when he will return.

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