WWE Smackdown Rating Is In + Superstar Spoilers

– Last weeks Friday night Smackdown scored a 1.84 (1.8) cable rating, up 8% from last week’s 1.7.

Here is the play by play from the main event: Handicap Match: Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro vs. Sheamus, Roman Reigns and John Cena

Sheamus and Cesaro kicks things off, Cesaro with a kick to the gut and then a waist takedown. He tags in Bray, he lands a flurry of right hands. Bray throws him into the corner, but misses the spear and catches a high running knee by Sheamus. Sheamus gets distracted by Cesaro and Bray nails a takedown. Cesaro with a series of right hands, but Sheamus fights back and hits a power slam. Cena tagged in, he hits a bulldog and then a big boot. Del Rio tagged in, Cena hits a hip toss and then tags in Sheamus. He connects with a neck breaker for a 1 count. Del Rio with a kick to the gut and then tags in Cesaro. He lands a series of strikes, he hits a snap suplex as well. Cesaro fires into the corner, but Sheamus hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Sheamus throws Cesaro to the apron, he connects with clubbing right hands to the chest of Cesaro. He dumps Cesaro to the floor.

We’re back, Del Rio is now the legal man and hits a power slam for a near fall. He locks in a headlock on Sheamus, but Sheamus fights out. Sheamus hits a rolling senton and then tags in Cena. Cena hits the five moves of doom, he goes for the AA, but Orton holds onto the ropes and he sends Orton to the floor. A big brawl breaks out with all the men in the match. Orton and Cena back in the ring are legal, Orton hits a second rope DDT on Cena. Orton puts the boots to Cena and then tags in Bray Wyatt. They tag in and out, they beat down Cena for several minutes, until Cena makes his comeback. He hits a back body drop on Cesaro and tags in Reigns. He clears house, Del Rio is the legal man. He hits a splash in the corner, he nails the drop kick on the apron. Reigns lifts up Del Rio, he is punched by Bray, but he super man punched Bray, he sends Orton to the floor. Del Rio with a kick to the gut, then goes for the armbar, but blocked and Reigns hit the major league spear for the win.

– Here is this weeks Superstar spoilers:

* Adam Rose defeated Heath Slater

* Ryback & Curtis Axel defeated Xavier Woods & R-Truth

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