Roman Reigns, Vince Russo & Jimmy Uso Speaks About Various Topics - 3 Separate Interviews!

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We here at Daily DDT want to bring you the best news on the web and why go to different places when you can go to one (here) So we have three different interviews on three different pages. On this page it is Vince Russo, the next Jimmy Uso and then finally Roman Reigns. Enjoy!

First off we have Vince Russo, he did a Q&A with the readers of Here are the highlights:

What do you feel went wrong following January 4 2010?

“I just think people’s expectations were way too high. One person isn’t going to turn an entire organization around. It takes much more than that.”

If Dixie Carter would call you and offer you a job as head of creative again would you accept?

“That would depend on what she EXACTLY meant by “Head” of Creative.”

TNA is at one of its lowest ratings points in their history. What are your thoughts on this?

“There’s only one Vince Russo. There’s a certain way to write wrestling that I’m not sure everybody understands, or are capable of doing. It’s just a “style”, that’s all.”

Click next to read Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns interviews.

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