Scott Hall: Say Hello to the Bad Guy

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

When I was a kid, I can remember being captivated by the NWO. Everything they did I couldn’t get enough of. One wrestler in particular stood out among the group — Scott Hall. He was the whole package a wrestling fan could ever need. He could talk, he had a chiseled physique and was as technical of a wrestler as they come. The one thing I always noticed though, was that he never got an opportunity with the top prize, and I always wondered why. Now that I am old enough to understand, I now know.

Before the NWO and WCW, Hall was a popular wrestler in the WWF known as “Razor Ramon”. He was well-known in the industry, winning the Intercontinental Championship on multiple occasions. Although once again, was never trusted as “the man”.

I have never been a professional athlete. I have never known a professional athlete on a personal level. But I can see that a lot of pressure comes with being a high profile person, constantly in the spotlight.

Scott Hall always seemed to let it get the best of him.

Constant alcohol abuse made Hall fall from his spot within WCW, and eventually made him retire early. For years, he could never seem to fight off the demons that always seemed to have his number. Even his close friends could not step in and make a change.

Then, Diamond Dallas Page came along.

DDP somehow got through to Hall, even when he was at his lowest of lows. Sometimes you just need that person in your life to pull you back up. With the constant support of Page and Jake Roberts, another star turned addict, Hall seems to have turned his life around for the better.

This year, something happened that I never thought I would see.

Scott Hall indcuted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

It has been one hell of a ride for the bad guy. Coming from an alcoholic family, I know what support can do for someone in need. Maybe that’s all that Hall needed — someone to let him know they are there. I can only pray that Scott finds the peace he has been searching for all these years.

So we don’t have to say goodbye to the Bad Guy, too soon.

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