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Spoilers For This Week's WWE Smackdown

WWE taped WWE Smackdown tonight from Pittusburgh and here are the spoilers courtesy of Bobby Zynosky.

* Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Triple H made their way out to the ring to start Smackdown. They hyped MITB, and also made Dean Ambrose Vs. Bad News Barrett for tonight.

* Dean Ambrose defeated Barrett with the dirty deeds. After the match, Rollins, Jack Swagger all ran into the ring and a brawl broke out. Things eventually broke down and Rollins hit the curb stomp on Rollins to end the segment.

* Paige defeated Cameron. Cameron – Naomi program continued. Will they just split?

* Connor The Crusher will be making his debut soon.

* Sheamus defeated Bray Wyatt via DQ. The end of the match came when Erick Rowan and Luke Harper attacked Sheamus. However, The Usos ran out to make the save and celebrated with Sheamus.

* Cesaro & Alberto Del Rio defeated Rob Van Dam and Dolph Ziggler in a tag team match. Paul Heyman was on commentary and the end came when Del Rio cross armbreaker on RVD. After the match, Cesaro laid Del Rio out.

* Rusev squashed Sin Cara. After the match, Big E and Rusev brawl with Big E getting the advantage.

* Kane Vs. Roman Reigns ends in a double DQ. Randy Orton came in and got speared for his troubles, Kane chokeslammed Reigns. Kane sent Reigns through a set up ladder (Ouch) However, Reigns made his comeback, blocked a punt kick by Orton and speared him. He followed it up with a spear on Kane. He posed with the titles over the two men to end this week’s Smackdown.

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