Me Vs. Vince Russo - Who Wins The Raw Debate

Vince Russo, the man he is on the top of everyone’s crap list. Well the former creative member of WWE, WCW and TNA had some things to say about last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw Raw. He tweeted these things and then I will give my two cents on them as we go.

“These Divas just don’t seem as well schooled as many as I’ve seen in the past.” (Naomi Vs. Alicia Fox)

The whole segment was a disaster when it comes with Cameron on commentary. I think they showed her more than they did the match and is it’s just me, but I can’t stand her. Naomi and Cameron are going to split sooner than later. You can’t judge this match because this segment was not about the match, but rather the potential split between Naomi and Cameron.

“When any announcer repeats anything even twice in wrestling it makes you think of JR—and that isn’t good for them.”

The majority of what the announcers say is straight from Vince McMahon. No one will ever be Jr and therefore is not fair to Michael Cole, or anyone for that matter to be compared to JR. Personally, I find tuning them out makes the show go a bit better.

“Did one of the announcers say, “What is this?” When we’ve seen Kane’s entrance for almost 20 years—SIX BILLION TIMES?”

Unless you are an eight year old, Kane does not scare you. However, we are in a PG era and the shock factor to minds under ten is where the goals are at. Kane being added to the match is expected, him coming out after the match lead to something that just felt forced. Did they have to have him in the match? No, storyline wise with him being with the Authority it makes perfect sense. We have seen this several times, just like we have Cena coming out to mix reaction, Daniel Bryan comes out to yes, yes, yes. It’s just a part of Wrestling.

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