TNA President Dixie Carter Tweets On Photo Of The New Six Sided Ring

– TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted out the following picture of the new six sided ring in TNA:

The new ring will debut at tonight’s Impact Wrestling taping in New York City.

We will have spoilers of the TV show later tonight and the next few days.

– Recently released WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins was on The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling this past Sunday discussing his recent release from the WWE. Check it out below:

“I was with the WWE for eight and a half years, and I saw so many guys get let go and just sit around and feel sorry for themselves, and I feel like nothing good comes of that. To me, wrestling is wrestling. It’s what I love to do. If I was able to do it that weekend, why wouldn’t I? I was thrilled at the idea that…you know, originally I would be sitting home as a WWE employee like I was doing, collecting a check but not really having any fun. So I was like, ‘Woo! Alright, sweet.’ Hit the ground running, you know?

“For one, it’s been like a weight has been lifted. It was just going nowhere, and I sensed that, and I’m thrilled to be back being my own boss and actively wrestling every weekend, which is really just what I want to do. That’s all I can ask for. I’m a desperate hopeless romantic for pro wrestling since I was five years old, I just love it. I’m happiest in the ring; I don’t care whose ring it is or who owns it, I just want to be in there performing and I’m happy. And I know I’m a sucker in that sense, because it’s a business, but that’s what makes me happy and that’s the truth. What really happened, in my opinion, is when I got hurt in late summer 2012 – I tore my PCL and meniscus, and that was the first time I had to actively stop. I had to have surgery. Ever since then, I never was put on a full road schedule again. It was almost a year and a half of just sitting home and they’d randomly call me for something. It was just bizarre, it never got going again. I think a lot of it was a cost-cutting thing to keep a lot of talent off the road because they weren’t going to be used.”

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