WWE: The 5 Most Underused Talents In Wrestling

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There are a million reasons why talents don’t get used as often as us fans would like. The WWE has their reasons, whether it be backstage animosity, difficulty coming up with good creative or just bad workrate. Still, we all have our wrestlers that we watch and can’t figure out why they aren’t on our TV screens more often.

I’ve always looked at the Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship guys in that fashion. Generally they’ve got what it takes to get to main event status, but they’re being held back for one reason or another.

In the past, there have been talents that I’ve really enjoyed that were grossly underused. Names like Shelton Benjamin (bad promos), Christian (orange tan, maybe) and going back even further, Rick Rude (no clue) come to mind. Those guys seemed to have what it took to be main event players, but a combination of factors kept them back and they became criminally underused.

Let’s look at five current wrestlers who fit that mold.

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