Chris Jericho Reveals Why John Cena Will Not Turn Heel

Wrestling fans (me included) want to see a John Cena turn heel, but Cena is set on not every turning heel.

Well to give you an idea on why he will never turn heel, during an interview with The Independent, WWE Superstar Chris Jericho said why Cena will not turn on his fans:

“I remember in Madison Square Garden there was a dad with his son in the elevator who asked for an autograph and as much as it pained me as I have a son, I just stared ahead, it’s all part of it and nowadays no one wants to do it. Vince loves it because it’s old school, he gets it, it’s heat.”

“Vince had my back with anything I did, for example, when I caused the crowd to pelt me with glow sticks in London, DX was furious, Stephanie was furious, they wanted me fined and suspended but Vince goes ‘no you’re a heel’.

“I learnt in WCW that that NWO were cool heels, just by being up there they were so likable and cool, there was nothing I could do to get a reaction, and I might as well have been a heel. That’s why they don’t turn John Cena heel, all the people that booed him will end up loving him, it would be a waste of time.

I think it’s better said like this, maybe fans do not necessarily see the Cena turn heel, but take his character and feuds more seriously.

Why should we as fans take Cena seriously when he is making jokes? If you don’t take the storyline serious then why should we care?

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