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Matt Hardy Says He Wants To Work For Both ROH & TNA,

Former WWE, TNA and now a current ROH star, Matt Hardy spoke with the Wrestling Observer and stated that he would like to work for both ROH and TNA. However, he would never want to go back to a four day schedule due to his injuries not being able to handle that kind of load.

ROH do not run as many shows as TNA and I could see him appearing on both shows. Two things to keep in mind, though, Hardy was superplexed off a ladder and put through a table at Best in the World over the weekend, which could be a way to write him off TV in the near future and he is set to appear in the next coming weeks of TNA Impact TV with him and Jeff is tagging up to take on the Wolves for the TNA tag team titles.

Yes, it might be a stretch to see him in both companies, but it is doable. If you look back and see guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Daniels and more. It’s doable, but is the demand there and can he do it physically is the real question.

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