Drew McIntyre Says He Will Be Back In The WWE

This might be a strech, but recently released WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre thinks he has a chance to be back in WWE.

Drew McIntyre did a interview which you can listen down below and stated that he would be back in WWE. I don’t believe, do you?

His thoughts on his WWE release: “Literally I went from a school schedule to a university schedule to a WWE schedule, so it’s kind of nice to relax. I’m going kind of stir crazy, because I‘m not used to relaxing!…..It’s nice to chill out for the first time in my life!”

“I plan to be the biggest wrestler in the world, outside of WWE……I have a clear idea in my mind what I’m going to do….I will be back in WWE!”

I hope he gets back to the WWE, he is talented, but yet when he was the “chosen one”, he was straight up boring. I can’t see WWE bring him back anytime soon or in the near future for that matter, he was a jobber and a joke as a gimmick when he was let go, I just can’t see them bringing him back anytime soon.

Vince McMahon predicting he will be WWE Champion: “He endorsed me himself – I didn’t know he was going to do it! He literally walked out and they said ‘you’re going to go out after Vince and do your promo’……It’s pretty crazy, but I thrive under that kind of pressure……..That was just unbelievable!”

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