Top TNA Talent Injured At TV Tapings - This Might Be Bad

TNA did it for the fans, but there is always a price to pay.

According to reports, TNA President Dixie Carter was not at at the third and final TNA Impact Wrestling taping in New York City. If you recall, Bully Ray powerbombed her through a table the night before.

Apparently, she was legitimately hurt taking her bump through a table. Carter is said to be pretty banged up, even though Bully Ray did everything humanely possible to protect her.

This is not Bully Ray’s first go around when it comes to powerbombing a woman through a table. He did it to a much older Mae Young and she was just fine.

A wrestling source told Pwinsider, “If you aren’t calloused to it, even one bump is going to feel like a car wreck. Of course she got hurt. That was the first bump she ever took in her life.”

Carter, who is 49 years old, may have suffered a concussion and/or aggravated an already existing back issue.

People backstage say it was a legitimate injury for her, but there are also some who think it’s just a work to sell the injury.

Either way, this angle was planned to take Dixie off of TNA TV.

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