Daniel Bryan Will Not Be Pushed Back Into The Main Event Spotlight Once He Returns

– Daniel Bryan I’ve got some bad news for you, the feeling right now among some of the wrestlers was that Bryan is no longer seen as someone that officials want to put back in the main event right away. He is scheduled to return on WWE TV at tonight’s the Money In the Bank pre-show.

The company compares him to a John Cena, Batista or Triple H and it’s said those Superstars wouldn’t be brought back on a pre-show in a minimal role, but rather on a Raw or the big PPV.

With the YES movement silenced, it seems that Bryan’s bubble has popped, so to speak. It’s also said that there are definitely higher-ups who feel that Bryan got injured when they needed him the most so they’re more hesitant to let him run with the ball.

It will be interesting to see what kind of a reaction he gets coming back tonight.

In case you did not realize, WWE is really not high on Bryan. To add more detail on this statement, Bryan was scheduled to face Sheamus at WrestleMania XXX at one point until CM Punk quit the company and WWE gave Bryan the push.

– Vickie Guerrero might be gone from the WWE, but that does not mean she will not get one last moment that goes back and looks at all her greatest moments. WWE Network will be airing a special on Vickie Guerrero – “Excuse Me! – A Cougar Countdown” will air on Tuesday night at 9pm EST after the live airing of Main Event.

Source: PWInsider Elite

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