WWE Money in the Bank Predictions: Rusev vs. Big E

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This Sunday, two behemoths clash for the second time, when Rusev goes up against Big E.

Earlier this month at Payback, Rusev beat Big E. Since then, Rusev and Lana have continued to say bad things about America, leading to Big E taking another chance at standing up for his country.

This past Friday, Big E was able to stand tall over Rusev. Is that a sign of good things to come for the American? Find out what Daily DDT staff members Benjamin Raven, Luther Fraser, and myself, Mike Smith, have to say.

Benjamin’s Take: This match should be short, sweet and full of high impact moves from these two bulky guys. I really want to see this one go more than five minutes, as it’s time for Rusev to start climbing up the ladder. I don’t see any scenario where Big E would win this match, unless it’s time to enact operation abort for the Bulgarian Brute.

Luther’s Take: The match between these 2 last time was decent, the standout for me being when Big E speared Rusev through the ropes and The big bulgarian took it like a man, landing flush on his back. Rusev to continue his push and get the win.

Mike’s Take: I was quite impressed with their match at Payback. It was hard-hitting and it was Rusev’s longest match to date. I hope that they can top it on Sunday, with Rusev obviously picking up another win. No reason for Rusev to lose this soon.

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