WWE Money in the Bank Predictions: Summer Rae vs. Layla with Fandango as Special Referee

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At Money in the Bank, Fandango’s two-timing ways come back to bite him, as he is the special referee for the match between Summer Rae and Layla.

This match was just announced on WWE.com on Friday, but it still has a pretty decent build to it. We have seen a lot go down in this love-triangle since Summer returned to WWE TV a few weeks ago.

Fandango has been seen kissing both women in that time frame, but now it will be time for him to pick which one he wants.

Daily DDT staff members Benjamin Raven, Luther Fraser, and myself, Mike Smith, offer their predictions.

Benjamin’s Take: Please let this be on the pre-show and not take away from any of the matches people will actually enjoy watching. I think Summer Rae will get some revenge on Layla even with Fandango as the ref. Let’s just hope this comes after the Daniel Bryan announcement and not between ladder matches.

Luther’s Take: This is ridiculous. What is this a soap opera? I don’t have a winner in mind for this, mainly because I couldn’t care any less.

Mike’s Take: Layla is rumored to be wrapping up with WWE soon, it would not be shocking if this was her final appearance. That probably being the case, Summer should pick up the victory.

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