Fans Canceling Their WWE Network Subscriptions – Not Good At All

Well WWE you might have just another problems to throw on the fact that the WWE Network is killing you financially, you have to cut people and now when you need people ordering the Network the most, are leaving.

If you saw the top Google search last night, it would be how to cancel WWE Network subscriptions?

As noted earlier on the site, people had some serious streaming problems with the WWE Network last night during the MITB PPV. According to one person who got through to support, they were told it was an issue of too much traffic through the Network.

This is not a good sign for WWE and they will look to make sure it does not happen again. It will be interesting to see how WWE handles this tonight on Raw or if they give a free subscription for a month.

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  • DickardDeckard

    It had nothing to do with streaming problems. It had everything to do with Cena winning.

    • Seriously?


    • generationpolitics

      ROFLMAO you are an idiot Reading the ****ing article it is fansided PR stunt.

      WWE Stock climbed after the PPV.

      Want to know whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Because Cena brings in money. Not every fan is as stupid as you.

      • DickardDeckard

        Don’t care. I searched it and I’m cancelling, so I know it can’t be all untrue. Just sayin.

        • IndyX

          And you’ll be still paying for the next two months

          • DickardDeckard

            Nope. Once this Friday comes, my sub is officially over. :)

      • Guest

        cena doesnt bring money, he’s just safe for shareholders. maybe yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou are the stupid one. casual fanbase isnt good for longterm growth as seen in the decline in WWE viewership annually lol

  • Chad Dobbins

    the stream and app crashed on a lot of people…well before that match even started

  • Daniel Hood

    My issue has been the inability to get on WWE Raw or Smackdown in between commercials as advertised.

  • generationpolitics

    hahaha proof? You mean a google suggestion? Because that isn’t a “top google search” whatever the hell that means.

    If you are so good with statistics you may want to look up how much money Cena brings into the company. It is the only reason they continue to put him in main events.

  • Archie

    Citation please on the Google top search, as in an actual screenshot or URL which shows that that was one of the top trends.

  • Cirrell Battle

    I’m getting rid of my sub for the following reasons.

    1) Almost everything available on the Network, I can get on my OUYA through XBMC for free.

    2) Number 1 wouldn’t be a thought in my head if the WWE respected SmackDown more. We were promised Pre and Post shows for both RAW and SmackDown yet, a month ago they only gave us a newsroom style preshow for SmackDown and then they suddenly stopped giving pre and post shows. Why should I spend my Friday night watching SmackDown in the way WWE desires when they clearly have no respect for the show and treat it as a glorified house show?

    3) No HDMI out for the Android app. Would be happy to use the WWE network on my OUYA but wait… No HDMI out support.

    4) the website version forces you to be at 1024×768 or higher with no options for a SD stream for low end computers.

    5) No WWE presence on any Nintendo device. Why can’t I watch the WWE Network on my Wii U? You know, the one console that’s perfect for the damn second screen experience. Where is my WWE 2K15 for Wii U?

    6) Shit story writing… C’mon WWE, you can do better than this.

    7) lack of classic episodes… Um… Where are my SD episodes from 2003-2005?

    Need I say more… I was excited at first but now I’m done with this shit.