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Three Huge WWE Superstars Return On Raw Tonight + New Divas Champion

– WWE Superstars Chris Jericho made his WWE return on Raw tonight. We reported it earlier and looks to be going into a feud with Bray Wyatt.

– The Miz made his return on tonight’s Raw. The parody account of  Jim Ross tweeted this hilarious tweet about it:

Here is the PBP from that segment:

We find out the big star in the limo and it’s…. The Miz. He says that he was offered multiple acting roles, he could have been a major movie star. However, the reason he is back, is because of all of us. “Do you have any idea how many assistants I have?” and then Chris Jericho comes out! His pyro explodes and the crowd goes nuts. Miz wants to know why Jericho is here. Miz says this is the 2012 Jericho, but then Jericho takes off his jacket. Miz says he is the marine and a movie hit. All of a sudden, Jericho hits the codebreaker and lays out the Miz. Jericho says he has been waiting for a long time, welcome to Raw is Jericho! All of a sudden, The Wyatts music hits and they are in the ring. They attack Jericho, Bray hits Sister Abigail to send a message.

– AJ Lee made her return tonight on Raw as well. She beat Paige to win the Divas title again. Check out the PBP from down below:

Paige comes out, she has she is woman of few words. She knows people said she was not ready for the main roster of WWE. All of a sudden, AJ Lee comes out. she just wanted to come out here and tell her that she is right. AJ says no one did what Paige did for a year and that’s beat her for the Divas title. AJ says success went to her head, but she shouldn’t have rubbed it in her face. Now, she has reality in her face and wanted to return the favor. Paige asks if she looks stupid, AJ is doing what she did. Paige says she will not make the same mistake she did and CM Punk chant breaks out. Paige knows no one wants to see her defend her title her tonight and a YES Chant breaks out. AJ asks the fans if they want to see a rematch right now? Paige gives it to her.

Divas Title Match: AJ Lee Vs. Paige

AJ goes right after Paige, but Paige kicks her in the face. Paige with a headbutt. AJ with a kick to Paige, but Paige cuts her off with a clothesline. AJ slaps Paige and rolls her up for the win.

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