A booking with Brock Lesnar would be a perfect return scenario for CM Punk. (Photo Source: wwe.com)

WWE SummerSlam Fantasy: CM Punk Confronts Brock Lesnar

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AJ Lee returned to WWE programming on Monday night when she successfully defeated Paige and reclaimed the Diva’s title that she should have never lost on the night after Wrestlemania.

While Lee is excellent at her craft and is hands down the top Diva, I couldn’t help myself from only seeing Lee as CM Punk’s wife on Monday.

That would be why I zeroed in on Lee’s face while fans were overwhelmingly chanting Punk’s name. Hoping to see any subtle hint that Lee would leave for a potential Punk return.

I was not the only one.

A colleague of mine and I were talking about the same idea after Raw on Monday.

That would be when my colleagues offered a brilliant suggestion for a potential Punk return. Now before I reveal the suggestion, remember that this is nothing more than a fantasy booking.

Here goes nothing.

By now, it’s a foregone conclusion that Brock Lesnar will return and defeat John Cena at SummerSlam for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Well what if, as my colleague fantasized, as Lesnar and Paul Heyman were triumphing in the ring , “Cult of Personality” hits and Punk returns by staring down Lesnar and Heyman as the pay-per view goes off the air.

That would truly be the best return scenario for Punk.

Punk’s return can not be known before it happens. That alone would ruin it’s impact.

That is why the impact would be maximized if Punk returned immediately after an expected outcome.

The return would certainly be worth it for Punk as he would be immediately be booked with Lesnar. The Lesnar and Punk booking from last summer was one of the best bookings of Punk’s career.

Punk returning has turned into a punchline at this point with even the DigGiorno pizza twitter account taking shots at the Chicago native.

But, sometimes, fantasizing can be best for business.



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