Is Dixie Carter TV Character Gone For Good?

– For those who wanted TNA President Dixie Carter off of TV (Includes me) just got their wish. Of course, she was powerbombed through a table at the recent NYC TV Tapings.

Well when she took that bump, Carter suffered two small broken bones in her back from the impact of the bump, according to Pwinsider.

It was only a minor injury, but she is not a trained wrestler and that is why she was hurt. This angle was to write her off of TV for good. Thank you Jesus.

Carter was not the only character written off with that angle and that guy was Tommy Dreamer. He said on the mic that “his job here is done” after Carter was put through the table and left.

Dreamer will continue to work for the company as an agent, but not be appearing on TNA TV.

It seems that TNA has gone back to the early days of the company once they got a TV deal with Spike and it’s a good feeling for a longtime TNA Fan. Hopefully they will keep going up and up, instead of down and down.

– TNA will hold a live event from Salina, Kansas on Saturday, September 27, 2014.

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