CM Punk Breaks Silence On WWE + Nash Compares NWO - DX Groups

– CM Punk has broken his silence on WWE, as everyone knows by now, WWE made a very questionable move when they fired then rehired WWE Diva Emma yesterday. Punk favorited this tweet from former WWE creative writer Seth Mates:

“Gotta be more to Emma story. Hope she is OK. If it’s just shoplifting, WWE’s level of hypocrisy has reached WWE levels of hypocrisy”

I do not understand why WWE reacted so much on the situation. There has been stars in the past that have been just fine and no issues with DUI arrest. This caught fire with TMZ and put pressure on the company. Do not expect her to be around on TV anytime soon.

– Kevin Nash did an interview with The Miami Herald where discussed the Kliq splitting to form DX and the nWo.

“DX is what really made Triple H,” Nash said. “He was playing the blue blood, and then Triple H went away from that persona and kind of took over DX, and that’s when Paul Levesque got to be himself. That’s when I think he really took off because he’s got an incredible sense of humor, a really fun loving guy. They kind of took our [nWo] formula. They [DX] were younger guys, and they made it a little hipper. Anytime WWE produces anything it’s going to be produced better. The nWo was the Beatles. We were there first, but they [DX] were definitely fantastic.”

DX made Triple H into what he is no doubt. Just think about if Nash and Scott Hall did not leave WWE. There would be no Steve Austin, The Rock, ETC. They would have been in those spots. Let’s just be glad they went to WCW.

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