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Why Is TNA Holding Bound For Glory In Japan? Also One Big Negative On The Idea

There has been some speculation on why TNA is running their biggest show of the year (Bound For Glory) in Japan rather right here in the states.

The show will be taped due to the normal 8pm EST start time on a Sunday would have to be taped at 7am on a Monday in Tokyo. The show is currently scheduled for 6:30pm on a Sunday, which would be 4:30am EST on Sunday morning.

It comes down to this, TNA knows that their PPV does not do big business for them and really ratings do. Look at where their product is aimed for.

Going to Japan, working with Wrestle-1 is a much cheaper option for the company. Wrestle-1 would take care of all the expenses other than flying TNA talent to Japan.

TNA is actually saving money by doing a taped pay-per-view and will be saving on other costs.

The idea is for TNA and Wrestle-1 to be working together well into 2015.

It should be noted that one of TNA’s biggest stars Jeff Hardy will not be able to go to Japan due to his criminal past. He does not go over to the UK tours and that is a negative in the plans of TNA.

I thought of that, do you think TNA has? Hmm.

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