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WWE SummerSlam: Could Brock Lesnar Succeed As Part-Time Champion?

While it has yet to be confirmed, WWE is currently working towards an angle to have Brock Lesnar return for a SummerSlam booking against WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena.

Furthermore, WWE is planning on having Lesnar defeat Cena at SummerSlam to obtain the championship.

This news could enable an earthquake within the IWC–internet wrestling community.

Ever since the The Rock defeated CM Punk at the Royal Rumble pay-per view in 2013, part-time wrestlers have been looked down upon.

But, could Lesnar be in a different category?

The reason why Lesnar could be a successful part-time champion is because of the presence he gives WWE programming. Lesnar does not have to be at every WWE event for his presence to be felt. After all, that is why Lesnar is paired with Paul Heyman.

Lesnar has not been seen since April and yet his name has been mention on almost every single Monday Night Raw since then.

Heyman has not let the WWE universe forget that Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and that Lesnar is the 1 in 21-1.

The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak is arguably bigger than the title itself. Therefore, Heyman should still be able to carry the weight for Lesnar if he were to win the title at SummerSlam.

Lesnar is currently booked for SummerSlam and the Night of Champions pay-per view in September.

Between the two pay-per views, one would figure that Lesnar would be booked for the months of August and September.

It goes without saying that Lesnar will not be at every WWE television event during that span of time. Though, all that needs to happen on nights in which Lesnar is not working is for Heyman to have the microphone and the floor. Heyman is the master of promos. Heyman can very easily make Lesnar’s presence felt without the potential champion actually being at the event.

That is the key.

As long as the champion’s presence is felt, there is no dire need for the champion to appear on WWE programming.

That would be why Lesnar could very well succeed as a part-time champion.

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  • rfghu;

    Ever since Rock defeated punk he started whining like a Cry Baby…he started wanting more than what he actually deserved and eventually ran away like a Pussy

    • CM Punk

      How would you like it if you lost to a part timer and knew that Cena was gonna win the title in a repeat of the previous year’s wrestlemania main event, it was so obvious and then Batista came back this year and just like The Rock, he got an underserved push. At this rate why should the current roster give a shit if the same people keep main eventing mania. Also you slagging off Punk makes me think you’re a Cena fan in which case, you can’t talk shit about deserving this and that as Cena has been handed everything without the talent to back it up.

      • rfghu;

        wwe is about doing business and not about what anyone likes, second The Rock got an underserved push??? dude he is way beyond that, wwe needed him and he obliged, Third if i am a cena fan? i have got better things to do, Fourth i wasnt as you say”slagging off Punk” i was telling the truth, fact is wwe provided punk so much wwe titles, feuds with the best, Millions… they just didn’t want him to main event WM this year and he ran away, He wasn’t taking a stand against part timers he was just being a pussy, kevin Nash confirmed in a interview phil(punk) was seriously lobbying for a match with rock, if he wanted to take stand against part timers he should have never done that…, he has acted real selfish by walking out on his fans like this….