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Sanada To Stay In TNA A Bit Longer? - Details

Some like him and some do not, either way, Former X-Division Champion, Sanada looks to be staying with TNA for the time being.

We reported some time back that Sanada would be leaving TNA and going back to Japan to wrestle for Wrestle 1 promotion. However, that is not the case now.

Wrestle-1 sent him to the states and is paying him only his regular salary. The idea was that he is will be working for TNA and holding the X Division Title will make Sanada a bigger star in Japan.

Pretty sweet deal for TNA right?

The idea was for Sanada to be going back to Japan before 2014 was up. Now, he will be sticking around TNA for some different reasons.

The Great Muta see’s Sanada as a potential big star in Japan and him winning U.S titles in TNA and then going back over to Japan would make him in a sense a mega star.

With that being said, TNA will need to protect him in their storylines to keep that idea alive.

It appears that both TNA and Wrestle 1 will be having Sanada in a joint contract. Yuppie!

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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