Stephanie McMahon On Using #HijackRaw To Get Back At CM Punk

Stephanie McMahon was recently interviewed by Inc.com and here are the highlights:

Using #HijackRaw hashtag to get back at CM Punk: “A lot of companies would’ve thought that this was trouble and say, ‘Oh my God, what do we do?’ But for WWE, it wasn’t even a question because our whole strategy is to engage our audience. We absolutely embraced this concept and had [wrestler] Daniel Bryan to talk about it during Raw. Because of that, #HijackRaw and #RawChicago were both world wide trends and trended seven times that night.”

It was a haha for the company to get back at CM Punk. Notice that she never said anything about him? Yeah, people actually think that CM Punk is coming back anytime soon, good luck with that.

The Key to success: “WWE utilizes social media, Twitter specifically, to push out information in a creative and fun way, but we also love to engage our fans. It’s not just about your message, the other half of social media is listening and responding. Fans, consumers, and customers appreciate that extra level of personal attention and responsiveness from any brand.”

“When you think about the secret of WWE, it is our fan base. I think if every company looked at their consumers as the secret to their success, they might have more success.”

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  • d0x360

    He is coming back. This is the biggest fake out on smarks in history and you are all falling for it. Aside from the obvious.

    Wwe is a public company. They answer to shareholders who don’t give a damn about wrestling. Cm punk was the biggest star on the roster. If he really walked out on his contract they would have sued him pretty damn quickly for breach. They would have also sued for lost revenue and probably 30 other things.

    This is a work and you are all falling for it. The guy needed time off to heal and wwe needed time to build up some other talent.

    They also know the more people who believe he isn’t coming back the bigger news it will be. That aside they are in zero rush because this single story has kept them in the news for almost a year. Mainstream media talks about this from time to time. Its free press and wwe loves every second of it. I on the other hand love watching you people squirm and write stories about how he’s not coming back…ROFL he is.

    • jb619

      Are you putting a time frame on this? Everyone comes back eventually. It doesn’t make CM Punk’s abrupt departure a work. They didn’t sue Austin when he walked out on the company either. What mainstream media talks about CM Punk not being in the WWE? He’s not a guy people outside of wrestling even know. The WWE is losing money because of the network and overestimating the numbers for the tv deal. John Cena has the belt again for the millionth time because there isn’t any depth at the top of card. You probably think Daniel Bryan’s neck injury is just a giant work too.

      • d0x360

        No idea of any time frame. I’m a casual observer. It will be sooner rather than later. Like it won’t be 2 or more years from now.

        The only way that would change is if his contract expires and then they sue him. No lawsuit=work.

        You can’t just break contracts. Especially not big ones like his. With the shareholders already out for blood they wouldn’t let someone like cm punk just “quit” and break his contract without repercussions of the legal variety because he was valuable to the company.

        • jb619

          Austin broke his contract and he was a much bigger draw than CM Punk. You really think the WWE wants to go through a long drawn out lawsuit with a talent who doesn’t want to perform? Punk only had about 6 months left on his contract by the time he left. It’s easier to let him walk and deal with him when he’s more interested in being there. This has happened before.

  • Chris

    They sent Daniel bryan out there BECAUSE they didnt know what to do……

  • Daniel Duncan

    Cm punk returns royal rumble 2015 anything before would be a waste of a storyline for his “walkout”