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Scott Steiner Goes Off On The Current WWE Product & Why He Is An Idiot

Rodolfo Roman recently spoke with Scott Steiner at the Florida Supercon event and here are the highlights:

The Current WWE Product: “That PG s–t is hard to watch. It doesn’t make sense. You got South Park serving up a storm. You got all these shows. Wrestling was the first natural reality show. We created that genre. That was reality TV live. It started with RAW in the Manhattan Center.”

Times change, people who do not change with them, get left behind. That is the case here. When he came into the WWE back in 2003, he was pushed right into World Title picture with Triple H. God those were horrible wrestling matches. Scott Steiner is a guy who has been left back in the 1990’s and cannot find his way out. He has a body that got him where he is. It’s not because of his promo’s or his work rate. Scott Steiner we can never go back to the Attitude era and if you look at a product over the PG Era (TNA – TV14) The ratings are not there. It’s not about the TV rating, it’s about the storylines and stars that make the product what it is.

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