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When Will WWE Believe In Roman Reigns?

When Roman Reigns first debuted as part of The Shield, he was an afterthought. In fact, both Reigns and Seth Rollins were afterthoughts.

When The Shield first debuted, the focus was on Dean Ambrose.

Between his work on the microphone and his work in ring, Ambrose’s quirkiness generated quite the reaction from WWE.

But as the months went by, Reigns was developing a following. Between his superman punch, Thor mannerisms, and wolf-cry, Reigns went from being The Shield’s muscle to being The Shield’s front-man.

That is also round the same time that Reigns coined the phrase “believe in Roman Reigns” as opposed to always falling back on the original motto of “believe in The Shield.”

There is no question that Reigns is going to be the next top superstar in the WWE.

The only question that remains is when.

When will Roman Reigns be given the torch by WWE?

Reigns’ coming out party was supposed be at SummerSlam when he went head-to-head with Triple H. However, the Reigns-Triple H booking that WWE has been hinting at for much of this past month is believed to have been pushed back. Now, the idea is to have Reigns square off with Triple H at Night of Champions in September.

While a victory over Triple H at any pay-per view is a notable feat, it lacks the notoriety of what a victory over Triple H would mean at SummerSlam–WWE’s top pay-per view event behind Wrestlemania.

Meaning Reigns’ likely victory over Triple H in September will not put the former Shield member over as the top guy in the WWE.

So, when then if not this summer?

Well, the latest is that Reigns is expected to win the 2015 Royal Rumble match. That win would guarantee that Reigns would be in the main event at Wrestlemania 31 for the WWE World Heavyweight title.

Presumably, that match could be against Brock Lesnar. Lesnar being the one that is expected to defeat John Cena at SummerSlam for the title.

That scenario sets up perfectly for Reigns to be put over as the top guy in the WWE.

Imagine how over Reigns would be at Wrestlemania if he not only won the title but slayed the Beast Incarnate–the same man that ended The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania’s streak.

Come April of 2015, WWE will definitely be believing in Roman Reigns.

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