How WWE Should Fix SmackDown

Raise your hand if you know that WWE Smackdown is aired on the SyFy channel?

Keep your hands raised if you know what number that SyFy channel is?

The reason I ask those questions is because I have a sneaking suspicion that most fans watch SmackDown that same way that I do.

The only time I have ever turned on the SyFy channel is if the cult-hit Sharknado is airing. Not once, in my recent memory, have I turned on SyFy to watch SmackDown.

The way I watch SmackDown is through the WWE app. On Saturday or Sunday morning, I scroll through the video highlights and pick and choose the segments from SmackDown that I want to watch. Typically those segments include anything with Bray Wyatt, the three former members of The Shield, and Daniel Bryan on occasion.

Those segments typically take up nearly 20 minutes of what is a tw0-hour show.

That is a problem for WWE.

SmackDown used to be a very good product. In a time not so long ago, SmackDown was the 1B to the 1A of Raw. However, now, it is clear that Raw is WWE’s A-list program while SmackDown is the company’s B-list program. Though, in actuality , SmackDown is deserving of a C grade.

So, how can the problem be fixed?

The first thing, and most dire need, is SmackDown needs to be moved from taped programming to live. Too many people, including myself, read the spoilers on Tuesday and have no interest in watching the show on Friday. In part, that is why SmackDown is a predictable.

Beyond predictability, SmackDown has become far too gimmicky.

SmackDown used to be a show that would continue the storylines developed on Raw. That is what the program needs to revert back to. Much like how television shows have two-part episodes with a story started in one episode and concluded in the next, that is how WWE needs to work Raw and Smackdown. WWE should begin a story on Raw and then continue it out on SmackDown.

Smackdown has been buried for several years now. The time has come for WWE to bring SmackDown back from the dead by turning it into live programming that works in synchronization with Raw.


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