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With AJ Lee Being Back On WWE TV, Does Mean CM Punk Will Return?

– With Current Divas Champion AJ Lee back on WWE TV and winning the title from Paige, two weeks ago, throw in the fact that she is now married to the man that every wrestling fan wants to see back in CM Punk, it has sparked the question on if he will be returning anytime soon?

Also, he has been featured on the WWE Network and will be tonight on WrestleMania Rewind.

As we have been reporting, there are no plans for Punk to return just yet. His contract runs out on July 17th and WWE has the option of keeping it going by using the days he missed over his head to keep him in WWE and not appearing in TNA, ROH or anything else pro wrestling related. Similar to what they are doing with Rey Mysterio.

WWE sources maintain that nothing has changed with his WWE status.

With AJ Lee being back, there is a fear that she might be buried later down the line due to her being married to Punk and him not coming back. That is not the case, she is Divas Champion for Pete sake.

PWinsider believes WWE has had very little contact with Punk since he left.

– Here are the Raw highlights:

– Chris Jericho talked about his in-ring return on Monday’s Raw against the Miz:

– The Usos talked about the controversial loss to the the Wyatt Family:

– Bret Hart discusses his return to Montreal:

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