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Sting Post Cryptic Date - Will He Return On Monday's Raw?

Let the speculation begin! Sting tweeted the following:

It should be noted that the date is Monday 7/14, which is a Raw taping in Richmond, Virginia at the Coliseum. It’s rumored to be just for the new WWE 2K15 video game.

As we reported in the past (May 15th) WWE has been as close is just “dotting the i’s” but was not done as of a few days ago. Within WWE, Sting signing has been considered imminent since before WrestleMania XXX. Sting is said to be scheduled for more WWE Network projects, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s signed because he wasn’t under any kind of contract when he was interviewed for the Ultimate Warrior specials.

Sting will eventually sign, now what will he sign up to do is unknown. Have him wrestle one more time (WrestleMania) and also have him inducted.

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