Sting Return: Top Bookings For Sting's Return To WWE

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Image Courtesy of!

Image Courtesy of!

The tweet seen around the wrestling world on Tuesday was sent by Sting.

The former WCW star and now former TNA talent sent out a tweet on Tuesday with a simple message of “7.14.14”. The tweet also included an image that appeared to be Sting’s portrait in the shadows.

It is clear that Sting is promoting something that is taking place on July 14, next Monday, but it is unclear on what that promotion is for.

Speculation running around the internet is that Sting will be making his return to the WWE and appearing on Monday Night Raw. If that is true, the chances are highly unlikely that the WWE would spoil the return and confirm it before it happens.

So if the speculation is true and Sting will be returning next Monday, the question becomes why?

Sting is no longer able to be put through the grind of being a full-time wrestler, so his return, would likely have to be booked as a way to start something for one of WWE’s popular pay-per views.

Considering that WWE fans have long been clamoring for Sting to wrestle for the company, it goes without saying that WWE can not mess this up.

If Sting is indeed returning under the premise of wrestling at least one more match, then the booking needs to be memorable.

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