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Lance Storm Breaks Down Why TNA Going Back To Six Sided Ring Is A Bad Idea

Former WWE, WCW and ECW star Lance Storm recently wrote a blog on his website where he talked about TNA going back to the six sided ring.

“The first and obvious fact is that the 6 sided ring is stiffer. Now granted I’ve never worked in a 6 Sided ring but I’ve spoke to many who have and they say unanimously that when they switched from the hexagon to the square ring the ring was significantly softer. Creating a 6 sided ring is more mechanically challenging and constructing a floor that gives well is much easily accomplished with only 4 sides. A stiffer ring means 1 of 2 things are going to happen, the boys will either have to tone down their style taking either fewer or less dramatic bumps, or they are going to have to put up with increased damage to their bodies which will eventually lead to more injuries and potentially increased dependency on pain killers. Neither of these options are a good thing and this alone illustrates how this particular decision should not be made by people in the company who don’t have to work in it.”

Time will tell how fans react to it once they see it on a weekly bases. The idea is good and the direction from TNA about going in an opposite direction than WWE is welcomed. However, TNA can give us what we want for a bit, but can they keep it up, is the real question.

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