Roman Reigns On Was The Shield Splitting The Right Thing?

Roman Reigns Recently spoke with Slam! Wrestling to promote Monday’s Raw and he spoke about the Shield sticking together, before the split.

“I could have really seen The Shield closing down every single show for the next three years. I think we had that ability and that we were that hot,. I think it’s an understatement that the vast majority of the fans loved The Shield. But we didn’t have too many opponents left to face.”

“Possibly the Wyatts, but you can’t really go above Evolution, especially after beating them twice. Between myself, Dean and Seth, we’re doing the exact same thing The Shield was doing, but we’re doing it on our own now.”

Just like many fans, I strongly believe that the Shield could have stuck together and continued to do their thing. They could have gone their separate things as their characters developed, but no turn on each other like things happened a month ago.

However, looking at things now, you have Reigns in the world title picture and Rollins – Ambrose having the best feud right now. As of now, things are good, in a few months we will see how things worked it’s self out. Time will tell if this was the right move or not.

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